Bio: Born in Philadelphia, PA, I grew up on Long Island NY and now a recent transplant to Georgia. Married to a wonderful man Louis 19 years. Two beautiful children both grown. Chelsea and Jalen, and two adorable dogs Quesi our 8 year old Chihuahua & Zeus our six month old German Shepard. Early in my adult years I worked mostly in sales oriented and medical. Right now I am part-timing at a major home repair retailer because I love meeting new people and just smiling all day. ​  I have always had a penchant to write. I will be honest with you folks, this is not only the most exciting thing I have done creatively it is the most frightening. This is my first book. 'Awakened Desires" in a series that will I hope entertain you. My series will introduce characters that may show up in other storylines that I have intertwined and linked. I love romance and sex, that I have mixed with incredible hurdles in order for those who truly believe in romance will be all to willing to jump.

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